Hushamok approached Designbrand for Industrial Design input into their new range of baby products. The brief required the product design to circumnavigate existing patents and provide Hushamok with a positive point of difference. Designbrand created a new spring system that not only allowed Hushamok entry to the market but also provided patentable material itself.

Designbrand's product design expertise meant that we were able to develop a wooden frame and build a series of prototypes in time for a tradeshow. The in-house prototyping saved the client valuable time and allowed priceless feedback on design and construction.

The co-moulded spring circumnavigated an existing patent that prevented the client from entering the American market. Several prototypes were made and tested giving the client the opportunity to test the design to suit targeted markets and prove the concept. Designbrand's Industrial Design input gave the client a radically new design that gained immediate consumer acceptance.