Designbrand is a product design consultancy based in Wellington, New Zealand. 
Designbrand specialises in Industrial Design and product development. 
We have surface and solid CAD modelling, digitizing, reverse engineering and prototyping capabilities.
Designbrand is a registered IRD research provider.



1 - Briefing / 2 - Concept Proposals / 3 - Design Development / 4 - Manufacturing and Post-Production



Jurgen is the principal and owner of Designbrand. Raised and educated in Germany, he immigrated to New Zealand holding an advanced trade certificate in cabinet-making. He gained a Diploma in Industrial Design (Honours) at Wellington’s School of Design, now Massey University.

Before deciding to start his own Industrial Design business, Jurgen spent his formative years as a product designer in Switzerland, France and Germany, working as an assistant designer to Luigi Colani and as a freelance consultant for Zeiss Jena.

He worked as a part time tutor for Massey University’s School of Design for several years. Jurgen’s love for transport design has seen him design boats, go-carts, trucks and a submarine, but he has also designed a variety of industrial products typical of New Zealand’s manufacturing sector.